Woodsia obtusa


Deciduous. Eastern North America origin. Like other Woodsias, one of the first to emerge in early spring. Tiny, frost-resistant, grey-green fronds unfurl to reveal narrow, arching fronds on easily grown plants. Wonderful with other alpines or roaming in moist, free-draining open woodlands.

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Latin name: Woodsia obtusa
Common name: Blunt-Lobe Woodsia
Zone: 3
Size: 6-12” tall
Exposure: Part sun, part shade.
Soil: Very well drained, gravelly, slightly acidic to slightly alkaline pH.
Use: Rock gardens, troughs, edging, containers, naturalizing.
Description: Deciduous. Native to Eastern North America. Like other Cliff ferns, this little fern is one of the first to emerge in early spring with tiny, silver crosiers spreading to pal grey-green, lightly fuzzy arching fronds. Easy to grow in the rockery, containers or meandering in open woodlands with moist, free-draining soils.