We are avid researchers and curators of information related to temperate ferns and fern companions. Here are a variety of resources that gardeners will find useful and informative.

Fernwood Publications

A World of Ferns for Canadian Gardens – This handout provides a list of ferns organized by landscape situation, including ferns for sunny, heavily shaded, wet, dry, rock gardens, containers, and others.

Fern-related Web Sites

American Fern Society – The American Fern Society is over 100 years old with over 900 members worldwide and one of the largest international fern clubs in the world. This site offers a forum for exchange of information with amateurs and professionals around the world.

British Pteridological Society – The Society promotes all aspects of pteridology through publications, meetings, and the provision of grants. Founded in 1891, the Society is affiliated with the Royal Horticultural Society and Plant Heritage (NCCPG).

Hardy Fern Foundation – The Hardy Fern Foundation was established to introduce and test the world’s temperate ferns for hardiness and ornamental value and to build comprehensive collections for public display, information and education.

Hardy Fern Library – The Hardy Fern Library focuses strictly on species (no subspecies, varieties, cultivars, or sterile hybrids) that can withstand a winter in USDA Zone 7.

Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society – The Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the appreciation and conservation of wild flora and habitat, especially in Nova Scotia.

Ontario Ferns – Detailed botanical information about ferns that grow in Ontario, Canada and elsewhere in eastern North America.


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